Rays of Light

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I created a weblog, SUNDRY THOUGHTS OF KENNETH RANDOLPH TAYLOR, in late July 2009.  In time I began to publish Sunday and weekday seasonal devotions on that weblog, which continues to exist.  It is an increasingly varied website, and I think it wise to begin a new weblog with material from SUNDRY THOUGHTS.  A narrower focus might help people find some material more easily.

I have chosen to break out the seasonal devotional materials into three weblogs (ADVENT-CHRISTMAS-EPIPHANY, LENT-EASTER, and ORDINARY TIME), beginning with material from SUNDRY THOUGHTS (leaving it there, too) and adding new entries at this place.  This is another channel, if you will.

Lent and Easter are separate seasons of the Christian year, and I insist on keeping their identities distinct.  Yet I group them together because they form a natural sequence; Holy Week bridges them.  One should prepare for Easter, which is why we have Lent.  And one ought to observe all fifty days of Easter, too, not thinking that Easter is just a Sunday.

Take this journey with me.



Posted October 28, 2010 by neatnik2009

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